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                      迪生数娱股份下ξ 属全资子公司北京迪生动画制作公司,是一家在国际动画市场〓知名的专业动画服务公司,也是被国家文化部财政部认证支持的首批动漫专业企业。公司拥有多名20多年经验∏的动画艺术和技术专家,有与国际著名动画企业联网协同作业的专业生产线。结合总公司的技术优势向全球提供二维动画、三维动画、定格动画、影视特技、虚拟现实交互动画的创作与制作服务。
                      “一切努力都是为了无与伦比的创造”, 迪生动画将一如既往的秉♀承“传承、创新、追求完美”的精神,为行业提供高◆质量的服务。
                      Beijing Dison Animation Production Co. Ltd.
                      Beijing Dison Animation Production Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dison Digital Entertainment Ltd. It is a professional animation service company actively engaged in the international animation market. It is also one of the First Professional Animation Companies certified and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Finance of China. Dison has a large number of experts with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the area of animation art and animation technologies. Dison is also known as the first Chinese animation service company possesses the professional international collaboration production pipelines. Based on the technological advantages of the headquarter company, Dison provides services to the global market in terms of 2D, 3D, Stop-Motion, VFX, Virtual Reality and Interactive Animation services.
                      Dison is always upholding the purpose of "Creating the world animation factory with combining the first-class production art and the cutting-edge technologies". Through a series of renowned domestic and foreign productions, Dison has achieved a good reputation in international animation outsourcing market, and co-operated with many internationally renowned animation companies in France, the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Korea and Japan.
                      Relies on strong artistic and technical resources, and accumulated experience in the international market, Dison is also introducing education and training services to the animation industry and institutions, which received very positive comments by the industry and academia partners. Dison becomes a centre of providing apprenticeship training to the new grad students for many of the animation institutions, such as Chinese Opera Institute, Beijing Film Academy, Jilin Animation Institute, Beijing Industry and Trade Technicians College, etc.
                      "All efforts are aimed at unparalleled creation". Dison animation always advocates the spirit of "inheritance, innovation, perfection", to provide qualified and satisfied services to our partners.